A Playlist

Greetings, Highlanders! (Wait, can that even be plural? There can only be one, right?)

Anyway, in thinking back on high school, one of the things that continually comes to mind is the music that seemed to permeate everything. Music pumped up every great experience, amplified my teenage angst, and generally provided me with a constant soundtrack to accompany all the drama of those years. Many of the songs I listened to in high school are still favorites of mine, or at least continue to stir up fond memories when they come on.

With that background, I hereby present a “mixtape” of songs that remind me of high school, along with some commentary.


This list isn’t even close to comprehensive, of course, and I reserve the right to make more lists if I feel like it. I also invite you to share yours with us! Also of note: I am not including any hip-hop here as I will put together a separate mixtape for that.

If you just want the music and none of my nonsense, here you go: YouTube Mixtape

Or Spotify:

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